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As an experienced life coach speaker, Michelle has many seminars to fit your needs. Here are a few of the most requested.

The 4 B Principle to "unleash" your purpose
The 4 B’s is the foundation to Michelle Hannah’s debut book. As a motivational consultant, she will speak about how each of us can experience breaking points which lead to breakup, breakdown, breakthrough and breakout. In this motivational and inspirational seminar, Michelle will discuss, in detail, the twists and turns of each phase. The journey through all these phases will ultimately lead you to your divine purpose.

Alice comes out of Wonderland
This presentation is a creative way to explain how the fairytale syndrome is introduced from infancy(i.e.Kinight and Shinning Armor). We will address areas that keep us in bondage such as: unsupportive partners,self induced and environmental drama, limited beliefs, and negative generational influences. Each person will explore and define wonderland and how to get out.

This is what transformation feels like and looks like
If you are destined for greatness, your transformation will be a journey that causes every emotion possible and even emotions that you didn’t know were possible to surface. At times you will feel you can’t make it for one more moment, but once you are in a position for true transformation, you realize that making it is the only option.

The Breaking Point, an unbreakable result
When breaking is necessary and breaking the destructive patterns is a must. Through the painful journey of breaking bad habits you will realize that power is not in the shattered pieces but the unbreakable result.

Finding me before I found you
Often we find ourselves attempting to locate love in someone or something. In this seminar, this great motivational speaker will challenge you to look within and find that inner peace in yourself. An exercise called "The Mirror" will be used as a self reflection tool and a starting point to overcome your weaknesses and magnify our strengths. An understanding of the gift of life and how it relates to knowing what you need will be highlighted.
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Living Life Beyond All the Broken Pieces
Pain and fear have no more authority but forgiveness has the power to heal. Surviving through the broken pieces ushers in the unbroken “peace”. Chronic and emotional pain can cause a series of emotions specifically when one does not know the answers to the questions, have a solution to relieve the pain, and the depression that begins to intensify as the pain worsens each day. Being educated, motivated and remaining hopeful is essential to ones overall healing. 


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